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Anonymous asked: I've followed you since you were like 16 and used your old blog. It's been a pleasure growing with you Nathaniel ily<3



woodland faerie

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To other landing our arms leading
let us trust the wind and tide ebbing
to waft us westward.

J. R. R. Tolkien, from “The Fall of Arthur” (via the-final-sentence)


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Everyone is cool, but no one is interesting.



Dyrhólaey Iceland by Pixelwiese_Photography on Flickr.

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Someone take a road trip with me to New Orleans.


Maxwell Sterling Silver slacklines the Classic Lost Arrow Spire line In Yosemite after a late March Snowfall.  Photo: J.R. Racine @jrrrr

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Álvaro Martino - When fog reaches lighthouse, 2012

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